Full Application Forms

A full application form should only be filled in after an Expression of Interest has been appraised and approved for the full application process by the LAG. Application forms received without this approval will be returned.

The Full Application form should be returned with all relevant documentation (as explained in the guidance) to the Programme manager who will submit it to the LAG for appraisal. Once the full documentation has been submitted the LAG will let you know within 30 working days whether your application has been successful or not. In some cases the LAG will grant funding on the basis of further conditions being met and these will have to be addressed before funding can be released.

Please ensure that you return a signed hard copy to the programme manager even if you send the from electronically as this is necessary to begin the application process.

Please complete the following form and the relevant application forms will be sent to you.  The programme team will also be in touch to help with your application.

If applying on behalf of an organisation, please enter its name here