How to apply

There is a standard application process for all projects. This has been set by the funder, Defra, and needs to be completed in all cases.

  1. Anyone planning a project should read our project documentation and find out about the aims of the programme and what it hopes to achieve. This information can be found on this website and in our Local Development Strategy (LDS)  and business plan.
  2. If you have an idea that fits with the programme see if it is the subject of a current or previous call. If not, or you are unsure, please contact the programme team to discuss your idea. it is best to contact the programme team in any case before you fill in any forms to avoid any wasted effort.
  3. If your idea fits with the programme, the team will ask you to fill in an Expression of Interest (EOI) form. In some cases the team may signpost you to another means of obtaining funding which is more relevant to your particular idea. In other cases they may recommend that you get in touch with a bigger project that has already been funded by the programme and with which you can work to get resources or training for your particular project. Finally the team may also be able to join you up with similar projects and recommend that you join forces to deliver a larger project as a group.
  4. Once submitted, the EOI form will be appraised by a LAG which will either recommend proceeding to the full application form, or recommend resubmitting the project proposal with changes. It may also reject the proposal but will normally give reasons for this.
  5. Once accepted all projects will have to compete and submit a Full Application form. The Full Application will once again be appraised by the LAG who will either recommend it for funding, recommend it with conditions that need to be met before the project  can start, or reject it for funding.
  6. Once the application has been recommended for funding the project commissioning process will be put in place so that the project can sign a funding agreement with the programme. The project funding will be released once the programme team and accountable body (WCC) are happy that the project is ready to go ahead and can meet all its contractual obligations under a signed funding agreement.

You can find a schematic of the application processes on the application processes pages.

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