How will the programme be run?

The programme aims to be flexible, accessible and accountable to stakeholders in the target parishes and villages. In order to achieve this we have formed a Local Action Group (LAG), which is the overseeing body at the core of the programme. It currently has 18 members drawn from rural communities, representative bodies covering rural issues (e.g. parish councils, rural community forums) and statutory funding or administering organisations.

The LAG will effectively steer the programme and ensure that the LDS is delivered by setting appropriate work plans and budgets. The principle task of the LAG will be to receive and appraise project proposals through the approved processes. The LAG will also oversee the activities of the programme team which will be based at Garden Organic and the accountable body (Warwickshire County Council).

In addition to this the LAG has undertaken to report to the LEADER Forum to which all communities in the project area are invited. The Forum will meet at least twice a year and, apart from giving an opportunity for monitoring and commenting on the programme’s progress and activities, will also be an occasion for networking between communities and individuals.

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