Local Action Group

The Local Action Group (LAG) is the steering group for the programme with representation from the target rural communities and a range of other stakeholders active in the area. It will serve to ensure that the Central Warwickshire LEADER programme delivers the Local Development Strategy (LDS) and its themes, which arose from the community consultation process, in the programme area. The LAG will develop the annual work plan for the programme for the year.

The key roles of the LAG are outlined below:

  • Agreeing and approving policies and procedures for the operation of the programme, ensuring a clear and open process for project selection
  • Agreeing annual budget allocations
  • Agreeing recommendations for funding and commissioning projects and ensure that they are within the annual plan and remit of the LDS
  • Monitoring the implementation of the terms of reference and challenging proposed activities outside of this
  • Monitoring and refreshing the project Business Plan as submitted to Advantage West Midlands as necessary by reviewing action plans and local priorities
  • Ensuring the programme is promoted within the area and championed in the local area
  • Ensuring links between the programme and the organisations or communities of interest or geography covered by the programme, both inside and outside the rural area
  • Ensuring through monitorng that equality and diversity and environmental sustainability are fully reflected at all levels of the programme and that hard to reach sectors, e.g. young people, small businesses and the land based sector, are adequately represented on the LAG
  • Developing relationships with other LEADER groups in the region, nationally and internationally to learn from their experience, good practice and innovation
  • Arranging the twice-yearly meetings of the LEADER Forum

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