This page shows a map of the programme area with links to current ongoing activities and projects and will be regularly updated to reflect what is happening in the programme.

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Linking villages and rural industries

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Latest project profiles

Ansty - Gardens Go Wild

The village of Ansty are to benefit from a community planting session through Warwickshire Wildlife Trust's umbrella project 'Garden Go Wild'
Check out their website here -

Revitalisation of Brinklow Castle

This project aims to develop and generate interest in Brinklow Castle and make it more accessible for visitors to the area.



Festival of the Harvest 2

Festival of the Harvest - Part 2

This projects aims to teach children in Central Warwickshire how to connect with their food. Not just the eating bit, but it's production from soil to fork. The project will directly engage with approximately 1000-1200 primary school children (over three years) and connect them to local farmers, practitioners and land based industries by inviting them along to a day long festival which will provide fun, interactive activites .. such as pasta making and beekeeping!

Growing Gastronauts - Inter-territorial and Transnational Partnership

This project is part 2 of two linked cooperation actions to create sustainable inter-territorial and transnational partnerships to facilitate and enhance school communities’ understanding of where their food comes from and to support practical local and joint activities to compare and learn from their experience.

Jubilee Imprint Project - Pailton