Programme Calls

Current Calls

We are currently open to new applications.  If you would like to discuss your project idea for possible future funding, please contact the Programme Team.

Our current call for applications is under the LEADER themes of Community Arts, Community Growing and Linking Projects.

Smaller projects are encouraged to come forward so that they might be joined with other communities who have similar ideas, signposted to larger service projects or directed to more relevant and easily obtainable grant funding.

More about Calls

The programme themes will be used to issue 'calls' for projects. Calls are essentially a request for Applications on a particular theme. Calls will enable both the LAG and potential applicants to focus on specfic themes and will help the LAG to target work in  areas that they feel will best meet the local development strategy (LDS). It will also allow us to deliver a better service to applicants. For more information on calls see below.

The calls will be repeated in each year of the programme so that each theme is the subject of a call in each year. Each call may have a slightly different emphasis within the theme and as the scale of demand within any particular theme becomes clear the LAG may issue more general calls and/or target calls to areas which are under represented in terms of the planned outputs of the Local Development Strategy (LDS).

The current call deadlines is Friday 29th June 2012