Programme Themes

The Central Warwickshire Villages LEADER programme intends to create a stronger sense of place and identity within the rural villages of central Warwickshire by bringing people together to create stronger communities with a shared vision for the future. The main themes for promoting this outcome have been defined within the Local Development Strategy (LDS) as:

  1. Community Growing Projects
  2. Community Arts and Events Projects
  3. Projects linking villages and rural land based industries (farming, forestry etc.)

The outputs defined by the LDS, and which the themes are intended to deliver through projects, include:

  • supporting 100 community arts and village events
  • supporting 100 community growing projects
  • supporting 20 projects linking communities to land based industries (faming, forestry etc.)
  • training for 50 farms and/or farmers
  • participating in 4 cooperation projects with other regional or national LEADER programmes
  • participating in 2 international cooperation projects
  • creating 1 Web portal with 80% of rural villages in the programme area having a presence or link to the portal

Within the LDS particular target groups include young people, women, older generations and migrants and projects need to ensure these have been consulted and included in their project plans.

Our LDS has also taken into account and incorporataed national priorities for the LEADER programme. At this level, AWM and RDPE criteria for LEADER focus on social and community priorities and are expected to deliver community strategies endorsed by Local Strategic Partnerships. They are mainly delivered under Axis 3 of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). More details can be obtained from the AWM website.

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