Programme funding for 2015 to 2020

We understand that the Central and South Warwickshire submission for LEADER funding has been unsuccessful and that this decision not to award DEFRA funds to these parts of the County has been upheld at appeal.


The Central and South Warwickshire LAG working with Warwickshire County Council developed a detailed and robust application that built upon the incredibly successful previous delivery programme of Central Villages Warwickshire LEADER.


The evidence base we believe was strong and we are bitterly disappointed at this outcome, both for the communities where clear evidenced need through strong local engagement was developed and for those who dedicated their time and energies, often in a volunteer capacity, to deliver LEADER and develop the Local Development Strategy which formed the basis of the submission for funding from 2015 - 2018.


The allocation of European Structural Investment Funds for Coventry and Warwickshire will provide an alternative route for investment for some areas across Central and South Warwickshire and we hope that the legacy of LEADER in these parts of the County will enable rural communities to develop locally driven solutions which create stronger and more vibrant rural communities.


Latest news and related projects

  • The village of Eathorpe have been awarded funding and support through LEADER funded service project Arts On Our Doorstep to implement a project that will develop villagers’ creative and practical skills associated with film-making,  gathering film material about local culture and identity based on the life experiences of local residents.

  • The village of Burton Green, have been awarded funding and support via LEADER funded umbrella project Arts on Our Doorstep to implement a project that will create a permanent mosaic piece made over the bank holiday weekend at the village hall and local school, and displayed in the village of Burton Green.

  • Shrewley Village Hall completed their LEADER project last week to install new stage lighting equipment and to replace the roof sheeting. The new lighting equipment was used for the first time on 3rd February for a sell-out "Live and Local" performance by "The New Budapest Cafe Orchestra".
  • Get Growing! is a fantastic LEADER funded service project which aims to brings together people in the rural parishes of Warwick District and Rugby Borough by providing support and resources for community food growing initiatives in their location. Building a sense of community by supporting people to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

    Get Growing! can help your community to grow, by providing gardening support and advice, training courses, growing equipment, publicity materials and resources you need, up to the value of approximately £3000.