What are the programme processes?

Application, claiming and reporting procedures for projects have been defined by the UK government agencies administering the funds in the region (Defra and AWM) and are the same for all projects.

  1. All groups wishing to do a project under LEADER must complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) Form and return it to the programme team. The programme team will make basic eligibility checks and then pass it to an appraisal panel of the Local Action Group (LAG). The LAG will then take a view based on the appraisal group’s recommendation to either invite a full application or reject the project idea for potential funding. In some cases the group may be asked to resubmit a revised EOI if the project is felt to have potential. 
  2. If the LAG approves the project idea the applicants will be invited to prepare a 'Full Application' form and return it to the programme team. It will again be appraised and a decision made by the full LAG based on appraisal panel recommendations. The LAG will then approve, reject or refer the application back if additional work is judged to be necessary before it can be accepted.
  3. All projects will be subject to a range of monitoring visits, claim and reporting requirements which, to some extent, are proportional to the amount of funding requested.

Further details on the applications procedures can be accessed from the support button on the main menu. Claiming and reporting procedures will be explained once project applications have been approved and will be made clear to groups which will also receive the support of the programme team to implement them.

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