What will the programme do?

Linking farming and people - WCCCommunities, village groups and organisations in Central Warwickshire are invited to submit ideas for projects that broadly promote community ‘togetherness’ in line with the three programme themes; community growing, community arts and events, and community-farm links. These themes have been defined as part of the Local Development Strategy (LDS) which was arrived at in consultation with communities and groups in the programme area and which the programme has been contracted to deliver.

Projects should aim not only to meet the LDS aims and themes but also to serve the wider social aim of promoting economic activity in villages as a stimulus to maintaining and promoting village services. An important part of the project will be linking villages and parishes in the district and borough and to stimulate demand for further work, projects and services. In this respect the LEADER programme should be seen as part of a wider process that aims to support and link sustainable rural communities across Central Warwickshire.

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